Divide and Conquer | Lock Up International | 26/9/2016 – 2/10/2016  | Istanbul, Turkey

This installation was hosted by Lock Up International, a transient project space housed in storage units around the world. The installation was made in response to the crowd mentality and gathering of people in Taksim Square I witnessed after the attempted coup in Turkey. The potato symbolizes an affordable food group,  farmed and historically eaten by the poor as well as a fast food staple of Turkish life. Within the space, a selection of popular music was played according to mood and preference.


LED Lights, Gels, Potato, Foil



Flow Through | March – May 2016 | ARTER | Istanbul | curated by Duygu Demir | exhibition photos by Ali Taptik

The exhibition Flow Through is an abstraction of travels in the International Territories of Svalbard. The entire space was cooled to 14 degrees Celsius.  The installation Plexiberg was a site specific abstract visual representation of an exploded iceberg. The installation had five projectors with white light and sound of an iceberg melting  The vitrine of the gallery was covered in a reflective from the outside and translucent from the inside colorful film.

 ARTER, Istanbul

Plexiberg | 2016 | Dimensions Variable | Plexiglas, Video Projections, sound: melting ice


ARTER, Istanbul

Plexiberg |2016 | Dimensions Variable | Plexiglas , Video Projections


5 Lightbox Photographs, Plexiglas Installation

Monuments | 2016 |  Duratrans Light Boxes, Plexiglas, sound: foot steps in snow


Pingo | 2016 | Dimensions Variable | MDF , Video Monitors, sound: foot steps in snow


Pingo (Alternate View) | 2016 | Dimensions Variable | MDF, Video Monitors, sound: Arctic Tern bird song and techno music



Installation View, sound: Arctic Tern bird song and techno music


The Navigator

The Navigator | 2016 | HD Video | 13 minutes 37 seconds, sound: African drumming , recorded in Berlin




OMUN | Intimate Horizons | 2014 | DISJECTA |Portland, OR


Omun, 2014

Omun, 2014 | Plexi, Dry Wall, HD Video Projection




Omun (detail) 2014





B15 ( collaboration with Claire Ashley), 2014 | inflatable sculpture by Claire Ashley | plexi and video projections intervention







Pink, 2014 | Lighting Gels




Self-Titled | 2014 | Nesrin Esirtgen Collection | Istanbul

Self Titled, 2014

Self Titled, 2014 | Plexi, Dry Wall, 4 HD Video Projections






Primordial Future | 2013 DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum Biennial | Lincoln, MA

Primordial Future

Primordial Future, 2013 | plexi, dry wall, 3 HD video projection




Nature Morte Redux | 2013 | Godine Gallery at Massachusetts College of Art & Design | Boston, MA

Nature Morte Redux, 2013 | Plexi, Dry Wall, Slide Projection



die Zukunft | 2011 | Backalar Gallery | Massachusetts College of Art & Design | Boston, MA

die Zukunft, 2011

die Zukunft, 2011 | Plexi, Dry Wall, Video Projection





Ante Camera, 2011

Ante Camera, 2011 | Plexi, Dry Wall, 2 Slide Projections