Divide and Conquer | 26 September – 2 October 2016  |  Lock Up International | Istanbul | curated by Lewis Teague Wright

This installation was hosted by Lock Up International, a transient project space housed in storage units around the world. The installation was made in response to the crowd mentality and gathering of people in Taksim Square I witnessed after the attempted coup in Turkey in July 2015. The potatoes symbolize people, are an affordable food group, farmed and historically eaten by the poor and a fast food staple of Turkish life. Within the space, a selection of popular music was played according to mood and preference.



Divide and Conquer | 2016 | LED Lights, Gels, Potatoes, Foil, Sound


Divide and Conquer (detail)


Divide and Conquer (detail)


Flow Through | 23 March – 7 May, 2016 |  ARTER | Istanbul | curated by Duygu Demir | exhibition photos by Ali Taptik

“Flow Through” was an exhibition based off my experiences in the International Territories of Svalbard.  The exhibition consisted of: 2 site specific installations “Plexiberg” and “Pingo”; a series of 3 videos within “Pingo”;  7 photographs; a video projection room with  “The Navigator”; changing sound installations throughout the exhibition.  The entire space was cooled to 14 Celsius.

Plexiberg | 2016 | Dimensions Variable | Plexiglas, 4 video projections, Sound: melting ice


Plexiberg |2016 | Dimensions Variable | Plexiglas , Video projections, Sound: melting ice | The installation “Plexiberg” was an abstract representation of an exploded iceberg made with Plexiglas installed throughout the space. The installation had five projectors with white light and sound of an iceberg melting The street facing vitrine of the gallery was covered in a film, reflective from the outside and translucent from the inside.


Installation view | Waterfall, 2016, Plexiglas | Monuments, 2016, set of 5 Duratrans light boxes | Sound: foot steps in snow


Pingo | 2016 | Dimensions Variable | MDF , 3 video monitors embedded in floor | Sound: foot steps in snow


Pingo (alternate view) | 2016 | Dimensions Variable | MDF, 3 video monitors embedded in floor | Sound: Arctic Tern bird song and techno music


Installation view of photographs | Flow Through | Sound: Arctic Tern birds and techno music


Installation view of video | The Navigator | 2016 | HD video | 13 minutes 37 seconds


this place | January 2015 | maumau works | Istanbul, Turkey

The work in “this place” was a layered approach at examining the constant state of utopia and dystopia involved with living in a consumer society,  instead of accessing this world from a natural landscape I looked at it from the landscape of economy. Like many developing countries, economically, Turkey is an aspirational society.  As a photographic image can influence a person’s behaviors, so can architecture. This is prevalent in the way consumer spaces are built, particularly shopping malls. Lights, color and space are used to sell products that most people can’t afford. One of the layers of the installation included projections of videos made in the high end shopping malls of Istanbul.  With “this place” I wanted to break down the power of the architecture by projecting those images of shopping malls onto the goods and materials that are vital to everyday life in Istanbul. These objects included water bottles I consumed during the period of the residency, the vinyl umbrellas sold and then discarded on every corner in Istanbul when it rains, and the decorations used at celebrations purchased from the pazar (also a distinct memory from my childhood). Accumulated and confined into the gallery space, “this place” was a representation of Istanbul as I experience it; chaotic, consuming and desirable. Simultaneously the installation was a manifesto outlining the factors and illusions driving the country towards an uncertain cultural, economic and political future, as in the LED sign highlight quotes from an economist about Turkey.  I asked the viewer to recognize their place within the context of this society by creating an environment with familiar materials but inverting the way these materials are experienced. The juxtaposing of the images from shopping malls on to these familiar objects elevated them into a “higher class” of goods but also disseminated the aspirational language employed in the spaces of consumer worship.


this place | 2015 | 2 video projections, photographs, LED sign, reflective party decorations, Plexiglas, umbrellas, fake Euros and Dollar bills, paper, used water bottles, string lights



this place (alternate view) | 2015


this place (detail)


this place (detail)


Installation detail from this place

this place (detail)


this place | 3 channel video on monitor


Intimate Horizons | 2014 | DISJECTA |Portland, OR | curated by Rachel Adams Miller

2 person exhibition with Claire Ashley. I created two site specific installations; “Omun” based on the 24 hour sun, “Pink” an immersive light installation, with Claire Ashley  collaborated on the work “B-15”.

Omun | 2014 | Plexiglas, Video Projection


Omun (detail) | 2014

Omun (detail) | 2014


Video Documentation | Omun | 2014


B15 with Claire Ashley | 2014 | PVC, Plexiglas, 3 Video Projections

B15 with Claire Ashley | 2014 | PVC, Plexiglas, 3 Video Projections


B-15 | 2014 | Inflatable sculpture by Claire Ashley | PVC, Plexiglas, 3 HD video projections | Dimensions Variable



Pink, 2014 | Lighting Gels| Dimensions variable |   The light installation “Pink” saturated the entry point to exhibition inviting viewers into the space with  pink light preparing them for the experiential light and space nature of the exhibit. “Pink” also comes from the experience of the Icelandic midnight sun referencing the color it made at the lowest point.


Self Titled | April – May 2014 |  Nesrin Esirtgen Collection | Istanbul | curated by Bercin Damgaci

The solo show  included the installation also titled “Self Titled” with a 4 channel video projection, photographs from the series Melting North, and the video Pink Ice.


Self Titled | 2014 | Plexiglas, 4 channel video projection| Dimensions variable


Video Documentation | Self- Titled |2014


Primordial Future | 9 October, 2013 – 20 April, 2014 | deCordova Museum and Sculpture Park 2013 Biennial | Lincoln, MA


Primordial Future | 2013 | Plexiglas, 3 video projections | deCordova Museum and Sculpture Park | Lincoln, MA Using plexiglas to abstract the natural Icelandic landscape, the experiential space included moving images projected of the same plexiglas installed in the wall. The still life images were shot in the studio and based off of photographs made over the course of 24 hours of the 24 hour sun in the Arctic.


After Darkness…. | January 2013 | Godine Gallery at Massachusetts College of Art and Design | Boston, MA


Nature Morte Redux | 2013 | Plexiglas, video projectors | Godine Gallery at Massachusetts College of Art and Design | Boston, MA


die Zukunft | April 2011 | MFA Thesis Exhibition | Bakalar & Paine Gallery at Massachusetts College of Art and Design | Boston, MA


die Zukunft, 2011

die Zukunft | 2011 | Plexiglas, video projection | Bakalar & Paine Gallery at Massachusetts College of Art and Design | Boston, MA


Ante Camera | January 2011 |  Massachusetts College of Art and Design | Boston, MA

Ante Camera, 2011

Ante Camera | 2011 | Plexiglas, 2 slide projections | Dimensions variable